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Consumer Protections

  • Residential and small commercial customers in the Ameren Illinois and ComEd service territory have the right to rescind an agreement with an alternative retail electric supplier (ARES) within 10 days of the utility processing the enrollment request. The utility will notify the customer in writing of the scheduled enrollment and the name of the new supplier.
  • If an ARES or your electric utility fails to provide promised service, the law permits customers to file a complaint online with the ICC or by phone at (800)-524-0795 and / or with the Illinois Attorney General's Office (800) 386-5438 (Northern Illinois), (800) 243-0618 (Central Illinois), and (800) 243-0607 (Southern Illinois).
  • To prevent marketing by ARES, customers of Ameren Illinois can add their name, address and phone number to the utility's Do Not Market List by calling Ameren Illinois at 800-755-5000.
  • All ARES must ensure that any marketing materials which make statements concerning prices, terms and conditions of service contain information that adequately discloses the prices, terms and conditions of the products or services that the ARES is offering to the customer.
  • The law prohibits switching customers without the customer's authorization. To protect against the unauthorized change of suppliers, only provide personal information such as name, address, phone number and utility account number over the phone, through a website, or in person when you are ready to switch to a new ARES.
  • The ARES must provide documentation to customers that substantiates any claims made by the ARES regarding the technologies and fuel types used to generate the electricity offered to customers.
  • Customers should ask about the length of the agreement and whether any early termination fees apply.
  • Customers or authorized agents are entitled to obtain their billing and usage data from the utility upon request but may be required to pay a reasonable fee.